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Real Estate

1/13/2022 11:43:22 PM +00:00

In Beverly Hills Post Office, a lavish compound owned by late Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul Allen has sold for $45 million.

1/13/2022 1:00:51 PM +00:00

The governor's new budget blueprint includes $2 billion to cut commute times and keep people closer to their "daily destinations."

1/12/2022 8:14:17 PM +00:00

Employers delay office return dates. Some employees say they don't ever want to work in an office again.

1/12/2022 3:31:31 PM +00:00

A stuporstructure? OMA's first major building in L.A. has seductive moments plus drive-by appeal. So why is Shohei Shigematsu's design so hard to love?

1/12/2022 2:00:09 PM +00:00

As popularity for the ad-supported Roku Channel has grown, San Jose-based Roku more than doubled its staff in Santa Monica last year.

1/11/2022 2:00:53 PM +00:00

Rapper Sean Combs has sold his Toluca Lake home of 13 years for $6.513 million in the neighborhood's priciest sale in months.

1/10/2022 1:00:42 PM +00:00

It's beyond exasperating that a state Senate bill to create a housing agency to fund affordable housing did not get passed last year.

1/10/2022 1:00:07 PM +00:00

A court has ruled that Lake County failed to properly analyze how a Guenoc Valley development would affect evacuation routes in times of wildfire.

1/8/2022 1:30:23 PM +00:00

For residents of a building that was one of Chinatown's most significant political accomplishments, conditions have never been worse.

1/7/2022 5:41:08 PM +00:00

This eco-friendly ADU is a simple solution to limited space: It's just 320 square feet. The result? A WFH retreat that also houses guests when needed.

1/7/2022 2:00:47 PM +00:00

'Austin Powers' actor Michael York is asking $7 million for a Hollywood Hills home that he's owned since 1976.

1/5/2022 9:04:16 PM +00:00

Shonda Rhimes has set a record in Hancock Park, selling her 99-year-old remodeled mansion for $21 million.

1/5/2022 1:00:03 PM +00:00

In 1977, The Times described Bernard Judge's Los Angeles 'Tree House' as 'a lark of a house.' In the wake of the architect's death we visit the unusual home.

1/5/2022 12:14:12 AM +00:00

Grammy-winning pop star The Weeknd is shopping his full-story penthouse in Westwood around for $22.5 million.

1/4/2022 9:31:39 PM +00:00

Tyra Banks just sold her fifth Pacific Palisades home in four years, unloading the boxy architectural abode for her full asking price of $7.895 million.

1/4/2022 8:31:58 PM +00:00

California's latest drought rules prohibit running sprinklers after rain or overwatering that sends runoff coursing into city streets.

1/4/2022 6:27:48 PM +00:00

The state is launching its long-awaited mortgage relief program to help homeowners facing COVID-related money troubles. Here are the rules.

1/3/2022 8:41:32 PM +00:00

Brentwood's real estate market ended 2021 with a bang when businessman Matt Wollman sold his fortress-like villa in Mandeville Canyon for $56.55 million.

1/3/2022 6:40:23 PM +00:00

In Beverly Crest, a 120-acre estate owned by late Microsoft Corp. co-founder Paul Allen once listed for $150 million, has sold for $65 million.

1/3/2022 1:00:59 PM +00:00

L.A.'s Plan to House LA set a goal of nearly half a million new housing units by October 2029. Foes have warned it will cause displacement.

1/3/2022 1:00:25 PM +00:00

As part of its COVID-19 rules, the city of Los Angeles is prohibiting rent increases for tenants in rent-controlled buildings. Elsewhere rents have gone up by double digits in recent months.

12/30/2021 3:57:19 PM +00:00

After her Hollywood Hills villa was broken into in March, 'Cinderella' star Camila Cabello has sold the home for $4.3 million.

12/29/2021 7:02:07 PM +00:00

Mohamed Hadid's code-violating mega-mansion in Bel-Air, which a judge ordered to be torn down, has sold at auction for $5 million.

12/28/2021 9:43:50 PM +00:00

In one of Bradbury's priciest sales ever, In-N-Out owner and heiress Lynsi Snyder has unloaded her palatial estate for $16.25 million.

12/28/2021 1:00:23 PM +00:00

The geology that cursed Southern California with earthquakes also blessed it with restorative hot springs.

12/28/2021 2:39:08 AM +00:00

Developer Nile Niami proposes using "The One" to back cryptocurrency as he fights to head off a February auction of his Bel-Air mega-mansion.

12/26/2021 1:00:37 PM +00:00

Santa Monica is pushing a program among the first of its kind to offer affordable housing to families and their descendants who were displaced by the construction of Interstate 10.

12/20/2021 5:14:54 PM +00:00

Former "Gimme Shelter" co-host Matt Levin re-joins the podcast to talk about why he bought a house in Sacramento earlier this year.

12/17/2021 2:00:23 PM +00:00

Spotify opens a downtown L.A. campus with 18 podcast studios as it expands its audio and video programming.

12/16/2021 1:00:56 PM +00:00

Home prices in the six-county region rose nearly 16% in November to another monthly record, a median of $693,500, according to real estate firm DQNews.

12/16/2021 1:00:55 PM +00:00

L.A. hotel bookings in October and November are back to 2019 levels, well above the national average.

12/16/2021 1:00:36 PM +00:00

Here's a look at what $600,000 buys in six communities scattered across L.A. County.

12/16/2021 11:00:24 AM +00:00

California sparked a national push to ban gas lines into homes. Its success hinges on persuading home cooks the gas stove is obsolete.

12/15/2021 9:49:10 PM +00:00

Housing advocates, labor unions and progressive activists want voters to approve a tax on property sales to fund homeless housing in Los Angeles.

12/15/2021 9:21:48 PM +00:00

The humble party tent is wildly flexible in COVID times. It offers access to fresh air, showed us forgotten spaces and reveals ways we could better deploy urban space.

12/15/2021 2:00:17 PM +00:00

Film and TV producer Michael Sugar is asking $6.3 million for a Dana Point home he purchased earlier this year for $5.1 million.

12/14/2021 7:16:45 PM +00:00

After unloading a mega-mansion last year, Grammy-winning artist Pharrell Williams is shopping around his Hollywood Hills home for $10 million.

12/14/2021 2:00:39 PM +00:00

A Malibu lot that once held Suzanne Somers' beach cottage until it burned down in 2007 now holds a brand-new home that's on the market for $40 million.

12/14/2021 1:00:22 PM +00:00

Long before so many people did their shopping online, Los Angeles' department stores -- Bullock's, Robinson's, May Company, Hamburger's and more -- were the place to be.

12/13/2021 10:26:54 PM +00:00

Solar companies are furious, saying the changes will harm the market for clean energy.

12/12/2021 1:00:30 PM +00:00

A California legislator has proposed blocking state funding and permits for freeway expansions in poor and polluted neighborhoods.

12/10/2021 8:57:52 PM +00:00

NBA veteran Chandler Parsons has sold his scenic home above the Sunset Strip for $8 million, or $1.225 million more than he paid in 2019.

12/8/2021 11:12:40 PM +00:00

Atty. Gen. Rob Bonta and the Redondo Beach-based company reached a $3.5 million settlement over illegal eviction allegations, which the company denies

12/8/2021 8:45:45 PM +00:00

The Pacific Palisades ranch of late actor Dom DeLuise — which he bought for $103,000 in 1968 — just sold for $6.49 million.

12/8/2021 1:00:07 PM +00:00

Although the movie business certainly played a role in Los Angeles' development during the 20th century, the oil industry also spurred the growth of what's now the second-largest city in the United States.

12/7/2021 10:40:00 PM +00:00

If you recently became a first time home buyer — or are planning to buy a home for the first time — The Times would like to hear from you.

12/7/2021 9:48:40 PM +00:00

Four years and eight listings later, actor-turned-cannabis farmer Jim Belushi has sold his Brentwood estate for $30 million.

12/6/2021 9:45:23 PM +00:00

Seven years after famed oceanographer Walter Munk donated his La Jolla home to UC San Diego, the school is putting it up for sale at $5.5 million.

12/4/2021 1:00:39 PM +00:00

City and state officials unveiled a plan Friday to acquire 77 parcels from the California Department of Transportation and build affordable housing and parks in El Sereno where the 710 Freeway was once supposed to go.

12/3/2021 2:00:19 PM +00:00

After buying a $48.67-million mansion this year, billionaire publishing heiress Taylor Thomson is asking $43 million for her Bel-Air estate.

12/2/2021 2:00:31 PM +00:00

Supermodel and TV host Tyra Banks is looking to sell her fifth home in Pacific Palisades, listing the contemporary residence for $7.895 million.

12/2/2021 12:00:55 PM +00:00

A majority of Los Angeles County voters back a new state law that allows for duplexes in most single-family-home neighborhoods, a Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles Business Council poll finds.

12/1/2021 9:54:43 PM +00:00

Norman, Okla., real estate is much different from Southern California's. What can Lincoln Riley, USC's new coach, buy on a multimillion-dollar budget?

12/1/2021 8:46:27 PM +00:00

An agreement to build 19,300 zero-emission homes at Tejon Ranch ends a two-decade battle over the planned development near the Tehachapi Mountains.

11/30/2021 9:57:50 PM +00:00

The owner of the largest modern home in America tells a bankruptcy court it plans to have a high-end auction house sell the Bel-Air property.

11/30/2021 3:06:05 PM +00:00

Hackman Capital Partners announced it's buying CBS' Radford studio lot, home to "Seinfeld," "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "Parks and Recreation."

11/30/2021 2:00:58 PM +00:00

Some cities in California want to put restrictions on a new law that aims to increase development in single-family home neighborhoods.

11/30/2021 1:00:49 PM +00:00

When you think about it, it doesn't make much sense for 1890s L.A. to put its port all the way in San Pedro. This is the story of how that came to be — and not the competing alternative, Santa Monica.

11/29/2021 8:49:57 PM +00:00

TV producer Steve Levitan has nearly tripled his money in Malibu, selling a beach house for $14.17 million that he bought two decades ago for $5.4 million.

11/29/2021 7:29:30 PM +00:00

In Hollywood Hills, action star Dolph Lundgren just sold his modern home of three years for $3.71 million.

11/23/2021 10:31:55 PM +00:00

In Nichols Canyon, singer Henry Rollins is shopping around his hyper-masculine home of 13 years for $3.9 million.

11/22/2021 8:25:10 PM +00:00

In Pacific Palisades, Oscar-winning actor Matt Damon has sold his architectural mansion to Warner Bros. CEO Ann Sarnoff for $18 million.

11/19/2021 2:00:15 PM +00:00

Wells Fargo had found a way to charge some of its customers $30 to transfer funds from one division of the bank to another when paying off a mortgage.

11/19/2021 12:47:39 AM +00:00

In the hills of Topanga, an eco-friendly dome built into the rocky landscape is on the market for $1.6 million.

11/18/2021 1:00:34 PM +00:00

California maintains its reign as the most expensive state in the U.S. for home buyers, with 89 of the nation's 127 priciest ZIP Codes, a new study finds.

11/18/2021 1:00:18 PM +00:00

Southern California's housing market has slowed ever so slightly, but it remains ultracompetitive. Prices in October were up 14% from a year earlier.

11/16/2021 8:49:40 PM +00:00

After eight years in Brentwood, Oscar-winning actor Billy Bob Thornton has sold his traditional-style spot in Mandeville Canyon for $3.6 million.

11/15/2021 9:18:26 PM +00:00

A Los Angeles Times investigation reveals that more than 200,000 people have lost their homes to freeway construction over the last three decades.

11/15/2021 9:14:41 PM +00:00

An Apple store redo of Tower Theatre and the renovated William Randolph Hearst Herald Examiner building bring Broadway's historic architecture back from the brink.

11/15/2021 1:00:58 PM +00:00

We know parks are not equitably distributed across L.A. What's the hold-up on building more?  

11/12/2021 8:14:43 PM +00:00

Blockbuster producer Joel Silver is seeking a blockbuster sale in Brentwood, listing his Mexican modernist mansion for $75 million.

11/12/2021 4:16:46 PM +00:00

Competition for tenants willing to pay top dollar has apartment owners in something of an amenities arms race, reaching new heights of pampering.

11/11/2021 11:00:57 AM +00:00

To report on people who have lost their homes because of highway projects in the modern era, The Times analyzed data submitted by states to the Federal Highway Administration each year since 1991.

11/11/2021 11:00:34 AM +00:00

Construction of the U.S. Interstate Highway System tore through the nation's urban areas with freeways that, through intention and indifference, carved up Black communities

11/10/2021 2:00:13 PM +00:00

Just above the Sunset Strip, a Hollywood Regency-style townhouse owned by Liberace in the 1970s is on the market for $3.4 million.

11/9/2021 9:55:25 PM +00:00

Singer-songwriter Camila Cabello is asking $4 million for her Hollywood Hills villa where there was a break-in earlier this year.

11/9/2021 2:00:47 PM +00:00

'Selling Sunset' star Jason Oppenheim just dropped $7 million on a home in Orange County, where he's filming a spinoff series titled "Selling the OC."

11/9/2021 1:00:05 PM +00:00

Iconoclastic boat dwellers have long lived illegally and rent-free in the sightline of some of America's priciest real estate, but now authorities in Marin County want them gone.

11/8/2021 2:00:15 PM +00:00

The nature resort north of Big Bear Lake is by far the biggest property currently available around the mountain city and also the most expensive.

11/4/2021 12:00:04 PM +00:00

Take a look at what L.A. County's median home price of $795,000 buys in areas such as Monterey Park, Vermont Square and Tarzana.

11/3/2021 7:29:54 PM +00:00

A five-acre compound complete with a 2,000-square-foot home and 700-vine vineyard has surfaced for sale in Pioneertown for $2 million.

11/3/2021 12:30:58 AM +00:00

NBCUniversal plans for a major development at its famed Universal Studios lot, adding more soundstages as media companies race to satisfy the content boom.

11/2/2021 8:03:31 PM +00:00

Former 'Good Day L.A.' host Jillian Barberie is asking $2.5 million for her Tarzana retreat designed by 'Flipping Out' star Jeff Lewis.

11/2/2021 4:41:14 PM +00:00

After moving her family to Colorado during the pandemic, Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank is asking $10.5 million for her villa in the Palisades.

11/2/2021 1:00:57 PM +00:00

Brinks Home Security charges customers an extra $1.97 a month for network services that the company's $46.60 base price already covers.

11/2/2021 12:00:03 PM +00:00

Clean energy activists and utility giants are duking it out over the future of rooftop solar.

11/1/2021 10:00:36 PM +00:00

The Chargers have an agreement to construct a headquarters and training facility in El Segundo. It is expected to be completed in the spring of 2024.

10/29/2021 7:56:48 PM +00:00

In the priciest home sale in California history, billionaire Marc Andreessen has paid $177 million for the Malibu home of fashion mogul Serge Azria.

10/27/2021 9:38:39 PM +00:00

Pop star Ariana Grande just sold her scenic Bird Streets home for $14 million just a year after she bought it for $13.7 million.

10/27/2021 7:12:04 PM +00:00

An auction of the Bel-Air mansion known as The One is called off after the limited liability company that owns it files for bankruptcy protection.

10/27/2021 3:09:08 PM +00:00

As the COVID-19 pandemic changes working patterns, rural Italian towns are offering cut-price homes to lure new residents. Even Americans are buying.

10/26/2021 8:26:26 PM +00:00

After requesting a trade from the Philadelphia 76ers, star point guard Ben Simmons has listed his custom New Jersey home for $5 million.

10/26/2021 3:49:14 PM +00:00

Because of differences in the way low-income housing is addressed state by state, proposed cuts have set off a West Coast-East Coast tug of war.

10/26/2021 1:00:47 PM +00:00

NFL star Joey Bosa just dropped $5.85 million on a waterfront house in his hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

10/22/2021 9:10:42 PM +00:00

After three years of relists, NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal has finally sold his Shaq-sized mansion outside Orlando for $11 million.

10/22/2021 12:00:27 PM +00:00

With home prices topping $1 million, Black people who bought modest properties decades ago are realizing they are wealthy. All they have to do is keep them.

10/22/2021 12:00:01 PM +00:00

Even as longtime residents are getting priced out, a small number of Black families who can afford it are moving in. The question is whether more will follow.

10/22/2021 12:00:01 PM +00:00

Nile Niami's "The One" ultra-mega-mansion won't be hosting an open house, but plenty of other super-luxe homes will. Here's some, and how to find more.

10/21/2021 1:37:22 PM +00:00

New telework opportunities could slow exodus from rural America, but housing and lifestyle challenges abound.

10/20/2021 3:00:20 PM +00:00

In Spaulding Square, the famous house from the 1980s horror hit 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' is listing for sale at $3.25 million.