Outstanding Service!

"Dear Frank, I am writing this letter because I believe an outstanding service or job deserves outstanding praise and recognition. I have bought and sold numerous houses in the last 15 years. I have worked with several top professional realtors throughout the years. So, when I listed my home with you, it was a very hard decision for me. Why did I list with you? I could name many reasons, but I believe the most important for me was the fact that not only did you listen to my desires and beliefs about my home, but you thought out of the box in your approach to marketing it. I have never seen an open house as brilliant as the one you held for my property. You were always available and present for my showings. To me, that was very important. In addition, on a personal note, you are one of the most sincere human beings that I have ever met. You never wavered in your effort and enthusiasm. You always showed up with a smile on your face and had such a positive attitude. When we did the final negotiations, you were on top of every detail and were extremely ethical. I feel lucky to know you and I wish you much success in the future. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and I am sure you will be in my life forever. If you ever need a reference, please feel free to give my number to anyone who would like to speak to me. I’ll also tell them how good you are with dogs!!!!!! And birds! LOL! Thanks again, Frank! All the best,

" - Pam Stanley (and Evan, Zorro, Ziggy & Napoleo

Great Realtor!

"We were very fortunate to find Frank when we decided to buy our first home. It was by chance that we met him at the last of many open houses that we toured one day. The very next day, he called me and remembered exactly who I was, despite the number of people that were at the open house. I was already impressed. We were somewhat naive about the whole process as this was our first home, but Frank was incredibly patient and helpful in guiding us through the entire process. His knowledge of the area helped us focus on neighborhoods that were suitable. At the time, the market was somewhat crazy and we were outbid on quite a few offers that we made, which was a bit discouraging. However, Frank was never discouraged and worked even harder to find a home for us. He boldly declared that he would find a home for us even if it took another 6 months. It didn't take another 6 months though. Shortly thereafter, he strategically guided us through an offer and counter offer that was accepted. He was extremely helpful in negotiating the terms of the sale and explaining all the elements of the contract so that we were comfortable in knowing what we were doing. He strongly and courteously represented our interests when communicating and negotiating with with the selling agent. Overall, the process was surprisingly smoother than we had anticipated, and we now know that it was because we had the right agent. Even after we moved into our new home, Frank was there to check in with us and make sure that everything was fine. We discovered a leak in the roof within a couple of weeks and Frank was instantly on the phone to the selling agent for not disclosing the problem. Within a day, the previous owner covered the costs of having a handy person patch the problem area. We have been in the house for a year now and Frank still checks in with us. It is very comforting to have someone like him to contact when we need home-related advice. With Frank's help, we really enjoyed the process of buying our first home. We enthusiastically recommend him to other potential buyers. We honestly believe that it would be impossible to find an agent who is more motivated and skilled in helping a family find and purchase their perfect home."- Tim Karel

A Pleasure to Work With!

"It is without hesitation that I recommend Frank Gargani. Frank helped me buy my first home and was an absolute pleasure to work with. After walking into his office (not quite sure what I was doing and pretty clueless about the buying process) I was immediately impressed by his helpfullness, knowledge and patience. Frank always took the time to talk and answer any questions I might have. He was interested in getting to know me, which helped him understand what I was looking for. Other agents who didn't make that effort never seemed to show me relevant properties. Over the course of our search, I found Frank to be very efficient, detail-oriented and consistently responsive and helpful. He always followed up, was accessible by telephone/email and went out of his way to find answers and resources. In my case, this was all very important because I ended up choosing a place requiring A LOT of work... which means A LOT of questions. When it came time to make an offer, Frank reviewed all details in person and prepared me for the remaining phases of the purchase. He was always very patient and thorough; I never felt rushed or unable to discuss something further. This is perhaps the finest quality to find in the agent you're working with - someone who is really looking out for your best interests and respectful of this very important decision of buying a home! Frank proved to be that agent not only by settling all my questions and concerns, but also coming up with some of his own for me!" - Tamera L.

Highly Recommend!

"My wife and I purchased our first home in 2011. We were pretty new to the whole process, and started calling around to check out properties in the areas we liked, meeting realtors along the way. One of those realtors was Frank Gargani. We were immediately struck by Frank's genuine warmth, his knowledge of the area and the market, and his down-to-earth, focused attitude. He came prepared with a couple of listings he thought we'd find interesting, based on a few qualifiers we'd talked about over the phone. As we checked out the properties, Frank took the time to get to know us better, and made the effort to gauge what we liked or didn't like about a property, so he could help guide us further if we were so inclined. But we never felt the least bit of pressure to make a choice either way. By the end of that day, we knew we'd found the realtor we wanted to work with.
Frank is a very real person who cares about helping people find the best home for them. A lot of realtors like to say it, but Frank lives it. He was there every step of the way, and always took the time to patiently answer every one of our questions clearly and in detail (I had a lot of questions). And he helped educate us along the way, asking questions on our behalf we hadn't even thought to ask. Frank was always available to us, week days and weekends, day and night. He responded quickly to every call and e-mail. And he pro-actively checked in with us, to keep us informed, or just to see how we were doing, knowing how stressful buying a house can be. He became our greatest and closest ally in the process.
We had some specific ideas on where we wanted to live, and working with Frank, we ended up putting an offer on a house in that particular area. When the seller said they wanted to take the weekend to think it over, Frank recommended we continue looking over the weekend, just to stay on point. Now, Frank happens to be an EXPERT when it comes to mid-century modern architecture, and he ended up showing us a beautiful mid-century modern home he'd found in an area we'd initially written off as being outside our price range. We never would have looked at the house if Frank hadn't guided us to it. This house wasn't much more than the house we'd made an offer on. We walked in and fell in love with it. We cancelled the first offer, and Frank was able to negotiate a comfortable price for this new property, actually coming in BELOW what we'd told him we were willing to pay.
Escrow is a headache any way you slice it. But Frank was there every step of the way, representing us well and with an ever present even-keel to the sellers and sellers agent, especially through the inspections phase. We wanted the sellers to take care of a few things before we closed escrow, and Frank made sure they got done, but always with a calm, patient diplomacy. Don't get me wrong, if you want Frank to push on your behalf, he'll push. But again, it's about you -- the person Frank's representing -- and Frank makes sure you're represented well. If I had to describe Frank in two words, I'd say he is a true gentleman. Something you don't find a lot of these days.
We just celebrated our one year anniversary in our first home (the mid-century modern Frank found for us). We couldn't be happier. I highly recommend considering Frank as your realtor." - Don W.